Bring a Touch of Africa into Your Home!
About Us
Ebon Arts is a small African-American company striving to faithfully and beautifully bring the spirit of African design to you, our customers. Our mission is to follow the African philosophy of making functional things beautiful, not simply making beautiful things. Using traditional and modern renditions of designs from all over Africa, we hope to bring a little bit of our heritage to you. We are continually expanding our line with new designs and types of wooden surfaces. Currently, we produce a wide variety of hand-painted and/or woodburned items including boxes, bowls, candlesticks, plates, wooden eggs and balls, salt and pepper shakers, and even ornaments! Tell us what you have in mind and we will gladly do custom design work on any type of wooden surface.
Finely woodburned and painted, an eye-catching box to proudly display
Vibrant colors and Adinkra designs highlight this plate and functional coasters
Contact us for catalog and ordering information:
Ebon Arts
568 Davis Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10310
Phone: 718-273-9793